Argalà Pastis Artigianale

Argalà pastis is the first Italian artisanal pastis, it has amber colour, with an alcohol content of 45% by volume

Exceptional as aperitif, it is also very much appreciated as digestive, thanks to the complexity of its aromas and flavours. With its unique taste, in fact, Argalà is an artisanal Pastis produced in tiny batches from 35 herbs and spices infused in pure spirits. Each batch takes at least four months to prepare for bottling.

Utilising common ingredients popular in port towns such as star-anise and cinnamon, Argalà is fortified through the addition of locally harvested subalpine herbs and spices.

Tasting Note: elegant anise, orange peel, lemon, a hint of grass and some subtle oak-y spice.